2 Months Til Christmas

Christmas at Serenity Diamond Beach

Tips for the best Christmas ever!

Spending Christmas away from your home can be exciting but also may be a bit tricky.  Your family are probably all creatures of habit and they will have expectations and dreams for how it will look.

The secret to success is being prepared, remembering the presents and having some tricks up your sleeve.


Pick somewhere family-friendly to stay – like Serenity Diamond Beach

Spending Christmas away from your usual place can be tricky to still feel homely.  Choosing a self-catering style of accommodation gets around the issue, letting you design your own celebration and leaving some space to add some interesting local customs into the mix too.

Don’t forget the family back home

While you’re planning your holiday away, don’t forget to put time aside for all your loved ones back home.  Setting up an early Christmas Day means that you can still catch up with family and/or friends, and starts the Christmas season off with some extra excitement. And if you’ve already celebrated with some of your usual festivities, it won’t be such an issue if things are a little different for your Christmas Day.  Plus, it means less presents to pack if you’ve already received them back home.

Take a few familiar friends on your travels

Take a favourite toy or book that would normally be a comfort on Christmas Eve to help the kids get to sleep.  Maybe a good old fashioned photo album with pictures of friends and family that you might all be missing.   

Bring some decorations from home

Each family member will have their favourite decorations, advent calendar, personalised stockings or snow globe that say Christmas to them.  Make sure you try your best to take a little piece of home away with you.  Once at Serenity, have a family decorating party and make that room merry and bright. The kids will enjoy a festive and familiar touch of Christmas from home.

Why not buy a real Christmas tree to put on your deck of your villa.  Check out our local Christmas Tree Farm

Build in some time for shopping (if you can)

Fitting everything into the car may be tricky with kids who don’t get that they can’t take their whole bedroom …. just in case!  Add in all the presents that you need to hide (wink wink) and someone will end up having to ride on the roof Beverly Hillbilly style!  Try to order online and have it arrive at Serenity Diamond Beach ahead of time.  Our local shopping centres have the usual big department stores like Big W and Kmart as well as loads of specialty stores.  Check them out here:

Taree Shopping

Forster Shopping

If that all sounds too time demanding, don’t buy or pack gifts, arrange special experiences. The memories that you make will stay with you and your loved ones forever.  Plan a private sunset cruise or a horse riding trip along the beach.

Plan some distraction for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is going to be when reality sets in so make it special.  Plan something that will get everyone in the mood for their special Christmas Day.  It can be as simple as a visit to a local church service, a drive around the Christmas lights or a Christmas movie night.  Check out these ideas:

55 Christmas Movie Greats

Organise your greetings for Christmas morning

Even if you’re still in the same country, wishing your loved ones a Merry Christmas via Skype or FaceTime is a must for travellers.  Make sure that you have your computer or phone chargers with you and your contacts are all up to date.

New family tradition vs Old family tradition

Maybe this could be the year that you finally get on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon.  But don’t forget to bring the special plate that Santa eats his cookie off every year.  Remember to add carrots to your shopping list so that the reindeer aren’t hungry while you’re enjoying your wonderful Christmas fare.  But maybe instead of the usual photo with the shopping centre Santa you could get your Santa Photos on the beach here in Forster.

When in Rome ……….

You’re heading to the beach and maybe you haven’t spent Christmas near the beach before? So be prepared!

Make sure you have your rashies, sunscreen and your backyard cricket set.  Maybe you would like to take advantage of doing something you wouldn’t normally do.  Have a bbq lunch or seafood and salad for Christmas Day dinner if you usually have a baked dinner.  But make sure that you still save some traditions – you want to be excited about something special but still want it to feel normal. So maybe spending the afternoon by the pool but still having your roast pork for lunch suits you better.

Don’t forget to tell Santa where to find you

Finally, and most important of all, reassure any worried little ones (or big ones!) about Santa’s all-seeing, all-knowing powers. And, if they still aren’t convinced, write a letter together about your holiday plans and send it off to the North Pole. 

Santa might even send a letter back telling the kids that he knows they are going away for Christmas, and that he won’t forget them.

Don’t forget to let Santa know our address in your letter:

357 Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach

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