New Year’s Resolution – What’s Yours?

New Year’s Resolution – What’s Yours?

Ok, so you’ve all had a few days to think up your New Year’s resolutions.
Are you going to hit the gym this year and get that rockin body that you’ve always wanted (or once had and want to see again)?
Are you going to save up enough money to buy a new car – be it a brand new one driving out of the showroom or a new old car (new for you, old for someone else)?
Maybe you’re going to finally propose to the love of your life or this is the year that you’ll pluck up the courage to ask out that special someone you’ve had your eye on for so long.   
Maybe it’s as simple as not drinking alcohol or not eating junk food. And maybe you’ve failed already!  Well, I’m here to help you out. 
There’s still time.  It doesn’t HAVE to be set on the 1st day of the year.  Why not decide today to  set travel as your New Year’s resolution? 



You can commit to travel for a year, a month, a week, a weekend or 2 hours  

A year 

Take the kids out of school and home school them (they will learn so much more on the road anyway), or if you don’t have kids, take yourself, and head off with your toiletries, some fuel and an outfit or 2.  If you have the money saved up, you can fund yourself around Australia (or overseas if you have even more saved) and enjoy our beautiful country.  

If you don’t have a lot saved, then try and pick up some odd jobs along the way.  You’ll get to meet some great people and may even learn some extra skills that you didn’t know you were capable of. 

Check back in on family when you can and need to and visit any family and friends that live far away along the way.  Plan your stops to visit those on your list but don’t plan much else.  You may find some places are more suited to you or have a lot more on offer for you than others so don’t feel confined to have to move on to the next booking. 

Another great idea is to house sit.  There are some great websites to check out where you can even do a house swap (have you ever watched the movie “The Holiday”?).  Free accommodation? Yes please!  You could line up a bunch of these around the states of Australia and explore from there.   

And our transport systems around Australia are fantastic, so coaches, trains, planes and even cruises are a great way to explore as well.  Mix it up I say. 

A month 

They say that it takes at least a week to really start to wind down from work and start to relax so by the time you end your normal holiday and go back, you’ve only just started to get into relax mode.  So why not extend it to a month long holiday?   

A cruise is a great way to spend a month.  You get to see a lot of different places and cultures but you don’t spend half your time packing and unpacking your clothes and toiletries and waiting at airports or train stations.   

Pick one that has something for everyone.  If you are travelling with children, a month gives them a perfect amount of time to develop some wonderful lifelong friendships with other children at Kids Club.  And there will be different theme nights to make sure that there is a bit of variety as well. 

Or check out the house swap idea above – this might be perfect for a month long stay.  You might even pick up a temp job while you’re at it if you wanted to earn some money to help pay for your exploring on your days off.  Ask the person that you’re house sitting for if their employer needs a fill in while they’re off work for a month.  You might just jag it. 

Travel for a week


Why not head off on a short road trip and learn about some towns not too far from home.  We did this with our 4 kids (aged 15, 13, 10 and 7)  and learnt so much about the history of Tamworth, Uralla, Thunderbolts Way, Captain Thunderbolt, Sir Henry Parkes, Guyra, Glen Innes, Lismore and Armidale.  We didn’t travel a lot of kilometres in the car but we sure walked a lot of kilometres to explore museums and parks. 

Otherwise, a week somewhere you haven’t been before can offer you very different options.  Check out the theme parks of the Gold Coast, the markets and craft shops of the Southern Highlands or the history, fishing and surfing of the Great Ocean Road.   

A weekend


Why not Serenity Diamond Beach of course!!!!! 

We are the number one reason you need to take a weekend break. 

We are only 3 hours from Sydney and Tamworth, 2 and a half from the Central Coast and 2 hours from Newcastle and Coffs Harbour.  So by the time you hit the road after work on Friday, you can have a bite to eat on the way and will be here ready to listen to the waves as you drift off to sleep and wake up to a sunrise over beautiful Diamond Beach.  You’ve already reached our website, so take a look around and give us a call and we’d love to look after you and help you treat yourself.

2 Hours 

Head to your local visitor information centre, pretend that you are a tourist coming to visit the area and look at your town and extended local area in a new and different light.   

It’s amazing how many things that you will find out about the world at your front doorstep that you didn’t know before. 

Maybe it will be a new beach, a new park or a new favourite walking trail to visit.  Or perhaps you will find a new restaurant, gift shop or fun activity like paint ball or go karting that you didn’t even realise was there. 


And if all else fails you can safely say that YOU HAVEN’T FAILED. Gee, if you travelled to work, or to take the kids to school or to the shops to get the milk and bread or a coffee, then you’ve travelled and you haven’t let yourself down on this year’s New Year’s Resolution!!! 

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