Playlists for Travelling

I had to race off on an unplanned solo road trip yesterday and it got me thinking. Whilst it was only a quick trip for me, I’m sure that with the summer holidays upon us, many of you are about to head off in the car.  You’ll pack up the car with clothes, bikes, toys, snacks, pillows and iPads. Or maybe you’ll just be packing up the car with swimmers, towels and your beach umbrella and heading out for a couple of hours. Either way, what better way to change the atmosphere in the car than a playlist.  

Do you have a favourite playlist for a car trip? Does it change depending on who is in the car? Perhaps the reason for travelling sets the scene?  Or maybe the destination determines the playlist?

My day started off feeling a bit sad as unfortunately the reason for the trip was not a happy one.  So as I don’t get to go to church each Sunday because we are busy with our beautiful resort guests, I usually get my “Sunday sermon” via podcast.  And I had a podcast from my favourite pastor Holly Wagner from Oasis Church in LA that I hadn’t finished.  I knew that listening to this message about strength would be just what I needed to start me off on my journey for an uplifting start.

Other podcasts that I love to listen to are nova FM – Kate, Tim and Marty; any comedy; Andrew Denton’s Interview; Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and any inspirational podcasts.  I find that the stories help to keep me awake if I’m finding it hard to concentrate on a tiring drive.

Next I decided that it was time for some music.  As I was driving along I drove past a car with a beautiful family in it.  The kids were having so much fun that I think they were pretending to be elves making toys in Santa’s workshop? At least that’s what it looked like …. they were pretending that each other’s heads were the toys and they were hammering them with their hands?! Such a fun family! Hahahaha

And then I went past 2 cars pulled up on the side of the road.  One was a police car with it’s lights flashing and it reminded me of my beautiful flashing Christmas lights on my Christmas tree at home. The other car had a lovely guy in it that was obviously feeling quite moved by the whole festive atmosphere as well because he clearly had tears in his eyes.

So of course I pulled up at the next possible opportunity and put on a Christmas playlist.  One of my family’s favourites lately that has been on pretty steady repeat is Pentatonix.  We absolutely love their Acapella awesomeness.  But I also love any general traditional Christmas carol playlist.  And my 12 year old Charlotte also likes a bit of Justin Bieber Drummer Boy rapping in the mix.

After a while it’s time to pull up for a fuel stop and as I’m standing there at the pump, the song that is playing is none other than Screaming Jets Better.  I lock eyes across the top of my car with the girl filling her car on the next bowser and you know what comes next.  I’m singing.  She’s singing.  The lips are moving. The smiles are widening.  The toes are tapping.  The hips may or may not be moving. We have a connection.  And then we look away.  But we know that we have each made a silent friend forever.  We know it in our heart.  The Jets have brought another 2 people together in rock sisterhood for life with their awesomeness.  And as I snap out of the magic and go and pay for my fuel and fill up the car with snacks for the trip, I decide that the next playlist will need to be a bit of Aussie rock.  I always love a bit of Aussie BBQ Songs or Road Trip Sing-a-Long but yesterday’s Spotify pick that I stumbled on ended up being Sing through the Decades.  And sing I did!

I tell you what.  When I put on those songs I have to sing the lyrics, the  guitar, the keyboards, the drums. Am I right?! No air guitar while you’re driving, so sing it, it is! It’s a disco in my car when you ride with me! My kids aren’t always on board with that, but I’m ok with that.  They can catch the bus and I’ll meet them at the destination! Hahahaha

Oh, and to the highway patrol that was sitting on the side of the road north bound at Tyndale, I hope you enjoyed my dancing!  When Katrina and The Waves are singing Walking on Sunshine I just can’t help but belt it out!

Now as the only person in the car, I didn’t really think it was appropriate to sleep while I was driving so I didn’t get to put on a meditation playlist or love song playlist. But certainly if it’s time to settle the clan down on your trip, these are a great idea to chill out and calm down a hyped up group, young or old, friends or family.

So when you head off on your next sunshine and splashing sojourn, I hope that you have your favourite line up of playlists.  Maybe you all need your headphones or earphones if you can’t decide on one to share but hopefully you can listen to the same thing because it is so much more fun when you are all listening together.  But if not, I guess you’ll just have to treat it like a Silent Disco.

Some of my favourite “Belt it Out” Road Trip Songs:

Body Talks

The Struts

Your Song

Elton John

The Climb

Miley Cyrus

Let it Be

The Beatles

Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond

Times Like These

Foo Fighters

Make it Wit Chu

Queens of The Stone Age

9 to 5

Dolly Parton

Life is a Highway

Rascal Flats


The Beatles

Build Me Up Buttercup

The Foundations

Chasing Cars

Snow Patrol

Primadonna Like Me

The Struts

I Do It So Well

The Struts

Uptown Girl

Billy Joel

Since U Been Gone

Kelly Clarkson

I’m Still Standing

Elton John

Learn to Fly

Foo Fighters

Hey, Soul Sister


Piano Man

Billy Joel

My Heart Will Go On

Celine Dion

Two Strong Hearts

John Farnham

Drops of Jupiter


Hold Back the River

James Bay

All Out of Love

Air Supply

This Kiss

Faith Hill

Thinking out Loud

Ed Sheehan

Hey Ya!


Smells Like Teen Spirit


Stay With Me

Sam Smith

Isn’t She Lovely

Stevie Wonder

What Makes You Beautiful

One Direction

Could Have Been Me

The Struts

Come As You Are



The Cranberries

Best of You

Foo Fighters

Better Be Home Soon

Crowded House

Bohemian Rhapsody


Every Time You Cry

Human Nature

Americal Pie

Don McLean

A Thousand Miles

Vanessa Carlton

Walking On Sunshine

Katrina & The Waves

The Horses

Daryl Brathwaite

Working Class Man

Jimmy Barnes

Born to Try

Delta Goodrem

What About Me

Shannon Noll

The Gambler

Kenny Rogers

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