Planning a holiday is always an exciting time. No matter how long you are going for, a weekend, a week or a fortnight, choosing the right accommodation for your needs can be a stressful task. Especially if you are organising accommodation for a larger group. Filtering through all of the accommodation choices can be time consuming so knowing what to look for will help make your choice much easier. Also, doing your research beforehand will make your stay much more enjoyable. Below are 4 points to help you make the right accommodation choice for your next getaway.
  1. Location, Location, Location Before you start looking for accommodation you need to think about where you want to go. Are you looking for a beach holiday? A city getaway? A mountain escape? This will help narrow down exactly where you want to go. From there you can start to think about whereabouts you want to be located. For example, if you are choosing a beach holiday, do you want to stay right on the beach or are you happy to drive a short distance? Do you want to be close to local shops, sporting facilities or nightlife? Serenity is right on Diamond Beach with no public roads to cross, you can walk from any of our beach houses 50m-400m to the sand. Restaurants and shopping at Forster-Tuncurry are only a 20 min drive away.
  2. Amenities Once you have your holiday destination sorted you will need to think about the kind of amenities that will appeal to you. Most accommodation providers will list amenities along with the types of rooms they offer on their website. Checking what amenities appeal to you in advance will ensure that you are choosing a resort, hotel or B&B that suits your needs. If you are a family travelling with young children you may want to consider a self contained apartment with kitchen or kitchenette, while those travelling in a large group may be more concerned about staying in the one house or a resort that can cater to group bookings. At Serenity, all beach houses have fully equipped kitchens and laundries and come with their own BBQ’s.  A supermarket is only a 10 min drive away.
  3. Kid Friendly If you are planning a family holiday, choosing family friendly accommodation will be a big deciding factor for you. You may be looking for a location that has child friendly sections such as play equipment, kids pool or even a kids club. Take the time to carefully review each accommodation website to see exactly what the location offers. If you are unsure you can always call ahead and speak directly to a reservation specialist. Serenity’s popular ‘Sandy Toes’ kids’ club provides organized activities over holiday breaks.  A large family-oriented pool with a small-child-friendly wade-in entry is right on the beachfront.
  4. Parking If you are going to be driving to your holiday destination or hiring a car once you arrive, it is important to check out the parking situation before you arrive. Some hotels may offer parking as part of your package whereas others may offer parking at your own expense. Sometimes paying for your own parking can become very costly and may not make the trip worth it once you factor in this extra cost. Ensure that any parking offered is secure and close to where you are staying. Make sure you always have your car keys stored somewhere safe within your room. You can also provide the reception with your license plate number so that they know your vehicle belongs to a guest. There are generous parking facilities at Serenity, usually right at your beach house itself.  If you are towing a boat or a van, no problem: call Reception to discuss your special needs.
  5. Reviews Online reviews are available for most accommodations these days. It does help to check these out before you book your accommodation. Reviews are very valuable as they give a good overview of the experiences of other guests. While a long list of bad reviews may be a sign that this accommodation isn’t for you, these reviews are subjective and what one person hates another may like.

Choosing the right accommodation for your needs is easy when you consider the above points. Serenity Diamond Beach offers guests a range of accommodation options from couples to families and large groups. No matter what you are looking for Serenity Diamond Beach will be able to meet your needs.

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